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A Bit of Banjo History – Part 2

I did a brief article to summarize the history of the  Banjo a while back – here is the last in this series. The years between about 1910 and 1945 saw a sea-change in society and culture, begun in the … Continue reading

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Growing Older & Laying Off Less

When I was younger, there were a couple of periods of time that spanned longer than I care to remember. Times when I didn’t practice the banjo. No guitar, mandolin, dulcimer or drums, either. I didn’t even think much about them, other than … Continue reading

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The Blog is Back up!

After being down for a few days, this blog is back up and upgraded to the latest version of WordPress as well!

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Notes on Reno Style, 2009-05

I’ve not written on my own progress with Reno style lately and I should. I found a nice series of informative articles on playing Reno style in Banjo Newsletter by Jason Skinner, the last of which just completed in the … Continue reading

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A Fitting Quote on Teaching

I was reading a book on SQL Server the other day and found this quote on teaching that I thought was worth sharing: In life, we encounter two classes of masters, those who share their mastery solely through their work and … Continue reading

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Going to 16th Avenue

I’m going to visit 16th Avenue in Nashville soon. I need to get some repairs done to several of my instruments: 1. Fret work on my Stelling Red Fox. 2. Fix a separated neck (no truss rod) on my very … Continue reading

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Pick Your Battles

Sometimes, our musical efforts can be a lot like raising kids – you have to pick your battles. Just as with young ones, you have to know when to pursue discipline (lest the effect of discipline becomes worse than the … Continue reading

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Ben Freed's List of 100 Songs to Learn

A while back (July, 2006 to be specific), Banjo Newsletter featured a list compiled by Ben Freed detailing his take on the 100 songs a banjo player should have in his/her repertoire. This article is actually a follow-up to another … Continue reading

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Kinder-Scruggs Style

What is Kinder-Scruggs? It’s what I call a simplified style of playing that is ideal for young children. I came up with this when one of my youngest students was going to play in her school Christmas play (although being a … Continue reading

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What I’m Currently Practicing

Since I just blogged on pursuing the more difficult techniques when practicing, I’ll list out some of the things I’m currently practicing. Leaving Cottondale. One of my all-time favorite bluegrass songs, by Alison Brown. Tricky to learn, and it teaches … Continue reading

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