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They Ought to Have a Name for It – Thumb Pick Purgatory

This is so annoying when it happens to me. It tells me that it’s time to practice some more of the basics for a while. It’s when your pick gets caught on a string on the upswing. It brings your … Continue reading

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They Ought to Have a Name for It – The Song Race

Here’s a small series of blogs on various things that happen to banjo players. See if you can identify with any (all?) of them! The first one is… The Song Race As a new banjo picker, you’re still struggling with … Continue reading

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Wil Huckabay's 'Cut n Paste' Method

I recently obtained a copy of “Building Blocks for Bluegrass Jamming, Volume 1” by Wil Huckabay of Hardin, Texas. As Wil explains in his introduction, this is a book not so much about learning to create a melody for a song … Continue reading

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Technique, Style and Significance

I get a lot of material for these blogs while driving down the road. Seems nothing frees your mind quite like traveling down a road, even if it is a busy one. Before I know it, I’ve a new idea … Continue reading

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Know When to Drop a Bad Break

As you advance in your banjo-playing skills, you’ll often be coming up with your own breaks (and backups) to various songs. Maybe you’ve tried your hand at songwriting and like it. Maybe you’re simply adding depth to your own coverage … Continue reading

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Béla on the Cover of Downbeat

Have you noticed that Béla Fleck is on the cover of the June 2009 issue of Downbeat magazine? He’s also on the cover of Banjo Newsletter for the same month. Amazing – I heard that this is the first time … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon Banjo Jam at The Coffee Tree

We’re starting a Practice Banjo & Bluegrass Jam Session at The Coffee Tree Books & Brew across from Grissom High School! These will be on the third Saturday of each month and the first jam session will be Saturday, June 20 … Continue reading

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