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What I Would Do Over

I went to visit my folks out in the country this past Sunday afternoon, just as I often do. While there, I took the opportunity to go visit my old bedroom. The furniture has changed in there since the days … Continue reading

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Building Up Endurance

Very frequently I have students tell me they have some problems with cramps, shaking, or just an uncomfortable tenseness in the arms and hands. Let’s talk about it. I remember getting those sensations as well as I was first learning … Continue reading

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Different Kinds of Banjo Students

One of my students and I were talking just recently and I was referring to all the different kinds of students that a teacher interacts with: young and old, talented and not-so-talented, progressive and traditional, by the book and outside the … Continue reading

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Should Music be Cubby-holed?

A friend and I were talking about various qualities of musical instruments and he made the comment that guitars, banjos and such instruments can easily play alone, whereas a brass or woodwind instrument, say, a trombone, really needs other instruments … Continue reading

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Back to 16th Avenue

I finally got back up to 16th Avenue in Nashville a few weeks ago. I was there to retrieve two of my banjos after getting them repaired at Classic Ax on Music Row. Plus, we brought the kids with us … Continue reading

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Like Riding a Bike

A while back I had a student say to me: “I wish playing the banjo was like riding a bike where you never forget it!” While that’s mostly true – we have to continue to practice, or we’ll get way … Continue reading

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Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.  Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. So we must also remember: Knowledge is knowing how to execute a full-fretboard G major scale. Wisdom is knowing not … Continue reading

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