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Sold: An Epiphone MB-200

I finally sold one of mine – a banjo, that is. It was an Epiphone MB-200 I had bought used a few years ago. At the time, I thought it was just a small step above a beginning banjo, so … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

I’m perfectly glad to use the word CHRISTMAS; as our saviour, Jesus Christ is the central figure in Christmas, as well as in all of history.   So here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas!   Now if we just … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Jimmy Arnold

Unless you keep up with a lot of banjo players, you may not know Jimmy. After all, Jimmy Arnold is certainly not a household name. What did he ever do? The answer: in all my years of banjo playing, I’ve … Continue reading

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A Taxonomy of Banjos

This is just a fun excursion into different types of banjos. Some of you know all of these variants already, but here they are for all to see: all the different types of banjos that I am aware of. I’ve … Continue reading

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Melodics and Soul

If you are a banjoist, you’re probably aware of the melodic style of 5-string banjo playing, whereby you are playing primarily melody notes, as opposed to fewer melody notes surrounded by ‘filler’ notes, as in Scruggs style. This style of … Continue reading

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Protools for Dummies – a review

Yes, I love the Dummies series! (BTW, Bill Evans, who along with Sonny Osborne and Cindy Sinclair runs NashCamp, is the author of ‘Banjo for Dummies’; another excellent Dummies book). Just as with book editing software that I blogged on … Continue reading

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Adobe InDesign CS4 – a review

What does this have to do with music, you ask? In and of itself, not a lot. However, I am writing a book or two on the banjo, and this has proven to be a significant choice – that of … Continue reading

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