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Originators and Elaborators

I’ve been reading a book by the well-known photographer and author Tom Ang. In it, he prefaces a section on other famous photographers by comparing and contrasting originators and elaborators; terms defining, respectively, those who invent and pioneer, and those … Continue reading

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… are the ‘Publish’ and ‘Save Draft’ buttons so easy to mix up in WordPress? After close to 200 blogs, I finally did the unthinkable. I pressed the one when I thought I was pressing the other. I’m pressing Publish … Continue reading

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Urban Density in Huntsville

Last week, I blogged on Huntsville’s ‘Heaviest Corner’; the place in downtown Huntsville, Alabama that had the greatest density concentration. Since then, I’ve had a few additional thoughts, so I’d like to look further into that topic here. Here are … Continue reading

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Huntsville’s ‘Heaviest Corner’

Here’s an interesting, obscure, fun fact for when Bank Independent completes its newly-announced 225 Holmes Avenue building in Downtown Huntsville, Alabama. You may be aware of ‘The Heaviest Corner on Earth’; the corner of 1st Avenue N and 20th Street … Continue reading

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The Coming Winter Storm

We seldom get real winter weather here in Huntsville, Alabama. But occasionally, it does give us glimpses of snow and ice, maybe even several inches of winter precipitation. The record for snow here in Huntsville came around 1962 or 1963. … Continue reading

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Reciprocity in Music

Those of you who remember film in cameras will recall, perhaps, the notion of film reciprocity and the associated attribute of reciprocity failure; that quality whereby film, upon being exposed, started to lose its sensitivity to take in photons at … Continue reading

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Winter – The Season of Textures

With winter comes barrenness. No bright spring or even fall colored leaves. Yet, winter has its own fascination that is devoid of bright color – you see it in the textures, shapes and patterns, hidden underneath the more obvious colors … Continue reading

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