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Playing Banjo 4-Finger Style – Applying it to a Song

Intro | Background | Observations | Benefits & Challenges | Getting Started | More Getting Started | Applying it to a Song Finally, here’s a concrete example of how I’m approaching the whole four-finger banjo process. This is a four-finger … Continue reading

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Increasing Speed with Single String Style

Since returning from NashCamp a few weeks ago, I’ve been more diligent with two things. One, I’ve been more structured in my practice, allotting about one third of my time to each of three categories: playing songs I already know, … Continue reading

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Notes on Reno Style, 2009-05

I’ve not written on my own progress with Reno style lately and I should. I found a nice series of informative articles on playing Reno style in Banjo Newsletter by Jason Skinner, the last of which just completed in the … Continue reading

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A few notes on my own practice – Reno Style

Love unrequited – that’s what Reno style banjo playing is to me. You see, I love that rapid staccato barrage of notes flowing from a banjo picked in Reno, or single-string style. Few sounds produced on a banjo can match … Continue reading

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