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Melodics and Soul

If you are a banjoist, you’re probably aware of the melodic style of 5-string banjo playing, whereby you are playing primarily melody notes, as opposed to fewer melody notes surrounded by ‘filler’ notes, as in Scruggs style. This style of … Continue reading

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Setting Bluegrass Standards

Not everyone can set standards for how we do things in this world. If we all did, then there would by definition no longer be any standards. Both famous and not-so-famous people have contributed in creating most of the standards … Continue reading

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Some of My Musical Influences – Intro

Among other series of blogs I’ve been thinking of writing has been one about already well-known musicians who have been influential on my own musical development. Some are obvious bluegrass musicians (Bill Monroe, Frank Wakefield, among others), some banjo pickers … Continue reading

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