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Why Play the Banjo?

Why indeed! I can think of several reasons… You get to meet some of the craz… er, nicest people around! OK, if crazy is what you’re looking for then, yes you can find that, too! As with anything in life, … Continue reading

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Bluegrass Owners Association Covenant

No, this blog doesn’t have anything to do with an actual real estate entity. Read on for what it is about. I know how covenants work within a homeowners association. The new homeowner signs the covenant, promising to abide by … Continue reading

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Thinking Like a Banjo

You can lean the basics of your style of banjo playing, be it Scruggs, clawhammer, tenor, etc. and know how to play it, but your knowledge is still at a rather superficial level until you learn that intangible quality of … Continue reading

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Technique, Style and Significance

I get a lot of material for these blogs while driving down the road. Seems nothing frees your mind quite like traveling down a road, even if it is a busy one. Before I know it, I’ve a new idea … Continue reading

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