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Major Categories of Banjo Practice

A banjo student and I were discussing these various topics just now and I realized that I’ve not actually discussed them more formally with very many people. Here are several major categories of banjo practice, as I’ve just thought of … Continue reading

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Sunset, November 28th, 2021

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More Stereoscope Photos

As mentioned yesterday, I got a stereoscope recently. Price was reasonable. Here are a few more photos with it. Notice each has a distinct lack of depth of field. That’s just the nature of a ‘non-camera’ way to approach photography. … Continue reading

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Boundaries and Depth Of Field

I recently got a digital stereoscope. Not a digital microscope, this one is more for seeing microscopic items in upright orientation. That is, up is up, and left is left as you see it in a stereoscope, unlike traditional microscopes. … Continue reading

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Non-Flowering Plants – 1

Back when I was a young boy, starting about age 10 or so, I was very interested in nature – frogs, turtles, stars, weather, etc., etc. I was also interested in odd sorts of plants that grew out in the … Continue reading

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Sunset, October 1st

Notice Arachnus photobombus is still enjoying sunsets!

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Queensferry, Scotland

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Goldsmith-Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary – 2

Some more photos from my recent visit to this eastern preserve

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Downtown Public Art – Part One

Recently I took a tour of Downtown Huntsville with the purpose of finding as much public art works as I could. Some of it is well-known, some more obscure. Here is part one of what I came up with. As … Continue reading

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Some Huntsville Projects Still on Their Way

Last time in the topic of Urban Planning, I blogged about big projects that never made it in Huntsville. But some projects just take longer to come about. Here are some projects that either we haven’t heard from in a … Continue reading

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