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Major Categories of Banjo Practice

A banjo student and I were discussing these various topics just now and I realized that I’ve not actually discussed them more formally with very many people. Here are several major categories of banjo practice, as I’ve just thought of … Continue reading

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Should I Always Wear My Finger Picks When Playing the 5-String Banjo?

When I first learned to play the five-string banjo (not the second time), I read the admonitions to always wear your finger picks. I kept to this rather faithfully, but there were a few occasions when I would just pick … Continue reading

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Strength, Accuracy, and Speed

If you’re the type of musician who just likes to grab your instrument and start playing without much analysis of techniques, you probably won’t get much from this post. It’s a very in-depth look at what you are really asking … Continue reading

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I’m Doing Online Banjo Lessons Now

Just about everyone has learned how to zoom in 2020. I’m sure when we look back, learning how to do Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams will be one of the many identifiers of this year, along with a few phrases like … Continue reading

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Hazards of Teaching Banjo

Admittedly there aren’t many hazards here. No need for sunscreen, padding, helmets, or protective eyewear. But I have found one of the hazards of teaching banjo is that if you don’t watch it, you can easily get out of practice … Continue reading

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How’s Lessons?

Frequently, someone asks me how teaching banjo lessons is going. I always tell them it is great. And it is: I have just about a full schedule now (I only teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work) with a great … Continue reading

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Banjo Lessons to Start September 6

After informal teaching on and off for the past 30 years, I’m going to start ‘officially’ teaching on Thursday, September 6, 2007. Teaching and learning seem to fit my personality well, and I can think of few things more enjoyable … Continue reading

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