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Autumn Mist on the Nature Trail

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Is Overpass Weaving Legal?

Admittedly that’s an odd question for most folks, even in the context of urban traffic flow. However, I suspect that many thoughtful drivers in Huntsville, Alabama know exactly what I’m talking about. To explain why, let me give some background … Continue reading

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Awaiting another game

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The Sedge Field at Goldsmith-Schiffman Nature Preserve

I’ve not done much with the interplay of sun and lens, but I think this turned out well. This photo was taken in winter, 2020. Most of the sedge field is actually around the bend to the right and is … Continue reading

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Luna Moth

Captured with the best camera: the one I had with me at the moment! My LG Stylo 2 smartphone. Along the Alum Hollow Trail at the Green Mountain Nature Preserve in Huntsville, AL.

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Aldredge Creek, Huntsville, Alabama

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Autumn in the Country

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The Steve Martin Effect

I had a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind that such a thing as this would happen. But I never named it until now. I’ll call it the Steve Martin effect, because that great comedian/musician/actor was the catalyst – … Continue reading

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It stands for the Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers Convention – the grandaddy of mid-south fiddle contests, as they have advertised it for forty-something years. I went to the second ever TVOTFC years ago, with my grandmother and mother one cool … Continue reading

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