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Bluegrass and BBQ

Held several times each spring through fall at Southside Park, Huntsville.

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Stands for Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers Convention. One of the granddaddies of fiddling get-togethers, it is held annually in Athens, Alabama. Here are just a few photos from this years event.

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Playing at Berkeley Bob’s in Cullman this Saturday

If you happen to be around Cullman this Saturday, drop by; several of us are playing Bluegrass at Berkeley Bob’s Coffee House at 1pm, Saturday, September 7th, 2013. It’s at 304 1st Avenue Southeast, Cullman, AL. Actually, we are ‘practicing … Continue reading

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Solid Blue at The Flying Monkey

I know this is sort of late notice – it’s this evening – but my friends Cindy Musselwhite, Bud Teague and company (Solid Blue is the band’s name) are playing at The Flying Monkey tonight. Check ’em out!

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Alabama Songwriters Festival

Today is the 4th of July! Among the fireworks, picnics and all the other activities going on this day, is the Alabama Songwriters Festival in Guntersville, Alabama. Actually, it has been going on since Friday, but today I’ll be going there. … Continue reading

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Nine Reasons a Banjo Teacher Should go to NashCamp

When I was at NashCamp two weeks ago, I didn’t hear anyone else mention that they were a banjo teacher. I’m sure several of the people there besides the faculty taught at various levels, but I got to thinking how … Continue reading

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Day Three of NashCamp

Day three of the NashCamp Fall Banjo Retreat is the last day, so Sunday had a bit of a different feeling to it – like we must do whatever we planned to do today or wait until next year. Getting … Continue reading

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Five Lessons, Yea Six, from NashCamp

Here are a few items I learned this weekend at NashCamp. Some for me, others for my students. 1) Lighten up. No, not in terms of relationships; here, I mean lightening up with my right hand. I pick pretty hard … Continue reading

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Day Two of NashCamp

Saturday was the second day of my first time at NashCamp, just southwest of Nashville, TN near the small town of Fairview. I got up and headed for the dining hall, where almost all of the activities took place. Still … Continue reading

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The Company Band

I suppose such things happen often enough. A bunch of folks at work find they have a little (very little? 🙂 common musical ground and so does the department administrator, who puts them all together in front of everyone to … Continue reading

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