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Major Categories of Banjo Practice

A banjo student and I were discussing these various topics just now and I realized that I’ve not actually discussed them more formally with very many people. Here are several major categories of banjo practice, as I’ve just thought of … Continue reading

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Bluegrass and BBQ

Held several times each spring through fall at Southside Park, Huntsville.

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Stands for Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers Convention. One of the granddaddies of fiddling get-togethers, it is held annually in Athens, Alabama. Here are just a few photos from this years event.

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In Memory of Bill Emerson, 1938 – 2021

I only met Bill Emerson a couple of times up in Nashville, but those brief times were lasting memories for me. Although I am self-taught on all the instruments I play, only in my later years did I look to … Continue reading

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Should I Always Wear My Finger Picks When Playing the 5-String Banjo?

When I first learned to play the five-string banjo (not the second time), I read the admonitions to always wear your finger picks. I kept to this rather faithfully, but there were a few occasions when I would just pick … Continue reading

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The Good Idea Fairy

Playing the mandolin, or banjo, as we have it in our modern society, is a fairly complex process. As such, it, like all complex systems, is susceptible to visits from the Good Idea Fairy. You may well have seen this … Continue reading

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Found: A Prehistoric Banjo Bridge!

Upon the banks of the mighty Aldredge, washed ashore on that ancient creek of destiny, lay a most astounding find. It must have come to surface during the recent floods, but whatever it’s source, there it was. And I was … Continue reading

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Taxonomy of a Banjo Player

Image by mcmurryjulie from Pixabay Elizabeth Barrett Browning (not William Shakespeare) wrote the Victorian sonnet that starts out: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. In a fashion, we also have a plethora of sorts of banjo … Continue reading

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Originators and Elaborators

I’ve been reading a book by the well-known photographer and author Tom Ang. In it, he prefaces a section on other famous photographers by comparing and contrasting originators and elaborators; terms defining, respectively, those who invent and pioneer, and those … Continue reading

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Reciprocity in Music

Those of you who remember film in cameras will recall, perhaps, the notion of film reciprocity and the associated attribute of reciprocity failure; that quality whereby film, upon being exposed, started to lose its sensitivity to take in photons at … Continue reading

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