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A Banjo Lifecycle

A¬†banjo is… Envisioned Created Marketed Found to be a source of inspiration Bought Cherished Played Played a little less Stored suddenly Found suddenly Treasured and played again surprisingly, stored Rediscovered by same, played Reluctantly stored Languished Sold Played, enthusiastically Played … Continue reading

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The Banjo 50 Years from Now

We’re so used to technology these days. Many of us make our living from some part of it. Even if you don’t earn a living at it, you know how to use Facebook, cellphones, iPods and so on and so … Continue reading

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A Taxonomy of Banjos

This is just a fun excursion into different types of banjos. Some of you know all of these variants already, but here they are for all to see: all the different types of banjos that I am aware of. I’ve … Continue reading

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Five Lessons, Yea Six, from NashCamp

Here are a few items I learned this weekend at NashCamp. Some for me, others for my students. 1) Lighten up. No, not in terms of relationships; here, I mean lightening up with my right hand. I pick pretty hard … Continue reading

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Getting Away From It All!

Sometimes, it’s so good to take a break and get away from it all; especially away from technology! Have you ever received an email to this effect: “Hi, Sorry to be so late getting back with you; my email client … Continue reading

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