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Update on the Stella Harmony 12-string

A couple of years ago, I blogged about my oldest brother’s first guitar, an old Stella Harmony 12-string. Little did I know at the time, but that has been the most popular blog I have written. I have even had … Continue reading

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The Bluegrass Ensemble

The bluegrass ensemble isn’t a term you’ll find being used much, if any. But I think it well describes what it is when you are talking about the various instruments used in a typical bluegrass band. If you’ve been playing … Continue reading

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Found: An Old Stella Harmony 12-String Guitar

I was cleaning out the attic today and noticed something: a 12-string guitar. Sure, I’d seen it there before – it used to belong to my oldest brother Mike (the same brother who had that first banjo I would strum … Continue reading

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Building Up Endurance

Very frequently I have students tell me they have some problems with cramps, shaking, or just an uncomfortable tenseness in the arms and hands. Let’s talk about it. I remember getting those sensations as well as I was first learning … Continue reading

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Like Riding a Bike

A while back I had a student say to me: “I wish playing the banjo was like riding a bike where you never forget it!” While that’s mostly true – we have to continue to practice, or we’ll get way … Continue reading

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The Banjo & Bluegrass Jam Session is Tomorrow!

The Practice Banjo & Bluegrass Jam Session at The Coffee Tree Books & Brew As usual, this is on the third Saturday of each month; Augusts jam will be on the 15th. Kind of early for the third Saturday, but … Continue reading

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When New Skills are Like a Magnet

When you learn repetitious musical techniques, it can also be human nature to resist things that are very close to what you already know. Continue reading

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