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The Bluegrass Ensemble

The bluegrass ensemble isn’t a term you’ll find being used much, if any. But I think it well describes what it is when you are talking about the various instruments used in a typical bluegrass band. If you’ve been playing … Continue reading

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The Fence We All Straddle

When it comes to ways to learn the banjo or mandolin, there are a couple of different paths we can follow. Each path uses the same set of tools and so can look very similar to the other, but the … Continue reading

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When can you say that you're a banjo player?

That question surely pops up in every beginning banjo player’s mind. It’s very natural to want to see progress happening as we practice and improve. I think I started thinking of myself as a banjo player on two different levels. … Continue reading

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The Practice Banjo & Bluegrass Jam Session at The Coffee Tree Books & Brew

As usual, this is on the third Saturday of each month; Septembers jam will be on the 19th. It’s from 4:00 – 5:00 pm at The Coffee Tree Books & Brew across Bailey Cove Road from Grissom High School in Huntsville, … Continue reading

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They Ought to Have a Name For It – Whack-a-Mole

Another practice / performance anomaly. This is the thing that happens when you identify a rough spot in one of your breaks. You start practicing it and isolate the offending habit to clear it up. All goes well, and you … Continue reading

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What I Would Do Over

I went to visit my folks out in the country this past Sunday afternoon, just as I often do. While there, I took the opportunity to go visit my old bedroom. The furniture has changed in there since the days … Continue reading

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Building Up Endurance

Very frequently I have students tell me they have some problems with cramps, shaking, or just an uncomfortable tenseness in the arms and hands. Let’s talk about it. I remember getting those sensations as well as I was first learning … Continue reading

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